If there's one thing we like better than providing great service to our customers, it's taking the time to answer a question. Here are answers to some questions that we hear on a somewhat regular basis. Please contact us for more information if you question is not on the list.
Why choose TMOC Practice Green Systems?

Ultra Smooth Surface Mirage Tour Putt Nylon turf is industry’s best! Putts true from anywhere on the green Stimps at 9.5 to 12 Panel Base is Solid….but not Permanent Panel base is not susceptible to ground movement! Green can be moved around in backyard; Disassembled and stored or relocated Undulations can be Adjusted Add, change or remove breaks quickly and easily Green can have unlimited break variations Change the break year after year Adjustable Size and Shape Green can be re-designed, enlarged or reduced Panels can be re-used in new design Holes can be re-positioned or added Re-Sale Value Putting green can be removed or resold Recover your investment

How is the Mirage Turf different from other synthetic turf?

The difference between Mirage turf fibers and other synthetic turf begins with the manufacturing process. Our specially designed spring set turf fibers are manufactured to interlock with each other, creating a realistic bent fiber look, just like “real bent grass” greens. Note: Most deep sand-filled synthetic turf has straight end fibers that must be sand filled and periodically rolled with a heavy water-filled sod roller. Our turf fibers have been manufactured to stand-up naturally. Unlike other synthetic fibers, our fibers have been made with a dulled finish, rather than made shinny. This helps create a natural, real looking green. How Realistic Is Mirage Turf? ‚ Mirage Turf is so realistic, we have manufactured “mower and grain pattern marks” in it! Our new Mirage Tour-Puttô requires no deep sand in-fill, and it putts the same speed as most PGA greens. It is the most realistic synthetic bent-grass turf on the market. Mirage has three models of turf: one that simulates a tournament green (bent grass), one that simulates a country club green, and one that simulates a municipal green (Bermuda grass).

How does the Mirage Turf hold up in an outdoor environment?

Mirage Turf is assembled using the finest UV-treated polypropylene & nylon, water-resistant fibers. Our turf carries a 10 year limited warranty against excessive wear and fading, and resists normal rain, snow, wind, freeze and sun. Mirage Turf has been installed from the cold, freezing climates of Canada to the hot, arid deserts of the American west, to the rainy, humid areas of Hawaii and Florida.

Is the Mirage Turf maintenance free?

When was the last time you owned something that was totally “maintenance free?” Our putting surface is “hassle-free”. The Mirage non-sand filled turf is as maintenance free as it gets, even when partially infill assisted/weighted. Our specially designed, interlocking spring set fibers help hold the infill in place, while stabilizing the root of the fiber. Even our infill-assisted/weighted greens are virtually maintenance free. Once installed, just keep the leaves and debris off the surface, just like you would with a real putting green. You can even vacuum our turf!!! Don’t be fooled by other companies that state their turf product is totally “maintenance free.” This is as far from the truth as it gets. Unlike Mirage Turf, synthetic sand-filled greens require periodic sanding, top dressing, sweeping and water rolling.

Why shouldn't I install a real grass putting green?

Real bent grass putting greens are very expensive to install and require expensive daily maintenance. Just ask a golf course superintendent or anyone who has owed a real grass putting green about the required maintenance, and I’m sure you will not want a real bent grass green in your yard.

Can a Mirage Putting Green be sculptured with breaks and undulations?

Yes! A Mirage Putting Green can be made to look just like real grass tour greens.

What size or shape can the Mirage Putting Green be?

Just about any size or shape you want can be constructed.

Can I chip onto my Mirage Putting Green?

Yes! Our special shock-absorbing backing, coupled with the spring action inter-locking fibers, makes our surface “check-up,” similar to most real grass greens. Please keep in mind that no synthetic putting surface will hold a ball exactly like a real tour green, and don’t let anyone tell you differently. Our greens are as close as it gets to real grass greens. Just look at our customer list and we’re sure you’ll agree.

On large custom greens, will the seams split apart over time?

No! Mirage Putting Greens seams will not split apart. Our seams and our turf are glued down to our proprietary base. We do not suggest loose-laying our turf on rock or soil. When using our proprietary space-aged under base system, our turf is glued into place. This process is unique to our company only, and is called our “FirmTrack Liquid Florathane System.

Can anyone install the Mirage Turf System?

Answer: No! Only certified and trained Mirage Dealers can install the Mirage Turf System.

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